Marketing Campaign Gold's Gym

Marketing Campaign for Fitness, Gym, Martial Arts Academy: Part I – Branding

This is 1st out of 6 articles devoted to building marketing campaign for your business whether it is local fitness club, competitive BJJ academy, CrossFit box or new chain of expensive gyms. All six articles will compose one, ready-to-use marketing campaign example guide that will give you step-by-step process of creating your own marketing strategy. Continue Reading


Subcontract – Complete ‚How To’ Guide

There are plenty of things you can’t or shouldn’t do in-house. Mostly it takes too much time and resources to develop competences not directly connected to field in which we’re operating. In my case it is cheaper to outsource SEO, SEM, webdesign, PR than to employ specialists for each of those functions and further control effects of their work on a regular basis. That’s why I decided to look for subcontractors. Below are steps I follow to make sure choices I make will bring me profit.

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Jimmy Maymann

Jimmy Maymann, Huffington Post CEO – Cannes Lions 2011 interview

What I would like to focus on my blog is entrepreneurship. That’s way most my articles will cover experience I have gathered during developing my companies – what works and what doesn’t. However everyone who runs company knows that business is not only about hard data, case studies and numbers, but also elusive things. One of these is inspiration. Today I present you interview with a person who is inspiration to me.

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