Black Belt

Black Belt BJJ – What I’ve learned during 13 years on mat

After 4750 days, 21 hours and 30 minutes Spider became the first Black Belt at the hands of Maciej „De Zoo” Linke. One day, a 15 year old Spider went up the steep, narrow stairs to the attic of an old warehouse by Żołnierska Street in Szczecin, where was martial arts club Berserkers Team Poland. It was one of the first BJJ clubs in Poland, now known due to KSW competitors: Michal Materla or Karol Bedorf. He drifted into Coach Maciej’s classes and started training with him. While after the Linke brothers and Piotr Baginski with Robert Siedziako parted. Linke Gold Team has changed headquarters several times, people came and went. 13 years and 4 days, but Spider is still in Gold color. Continue Reading

core exercises

Core Exercises – Swiss Ball Standing

Core exercises are essential element of Jiu Jitsu training. Core muscles are responsible for keeping your body stable. In normal, everyday situation keeping your posture straight is fair enough. However when it comes to sports you need more than that. In most sports you are putting pressure to your body which makes you go off the balance. Aim of core exercises is to let you sustain full control even in most bizarre positions. Core exercises also protects you from injuries. If your deep muscles works well, they won’t let your joints go the way they shouldn’t go. To sum up you may imagine core muscles as an inner rubber which binds all the skeletal structure. Core exercises make this rubber stronger. Continue Reading

Chaos Gold Team

Chaos Gold Team – from P&G to own BJJ academy

I wrote this article shortly after our anniversary which is on 14th February – Lovers’ Day. We even had recruiting poster joking about this fact. This is basically first year summary of fun things our BJJ acadamy gave us. All of you who train, know that jiu-jitsu is not just about the process of exercise, but also everything around it: people, competitions, travels. I gave corporate life for that. Can’t say it was easy, but apparently nothing worth doing is. If you want to know why I didn’t continue to pursue career in corporations after Procter & Gamble, what are the other things I do besides Chaos Gold Team or you simply want to send me high five through email, see About Me page. Continue Reading