Codex – Book of Virtues

1. Live for the Idea…

…or you won’t be living at all.

People tend to say that thinking (or abstract thinking, as some call it) is what separates us from the animals. But animals think too. What separates us is the Idea. Sure, we will all be reduced to dust, but Ideas will remain long after we’re gone. The Epicurean “carpe diem!”. The modern: “Search for Yourself. Don’t search in crowds. You won’t find it there”. It is the Spirit, not the Body, that is immortal. Life has meaning as long as we give it meaning. Horace was right, when he said: “I have raised a monument more permanent than bronze”. Continue Reading


Elaine – Awaken

Elaine lied in her bed and listened to what was going on outside. Torrential rain was banging against the windows of the old Victorian tenement. Thinking about her day, she remembered the man who had bothered her on the street. He gave her an impertinent and cheeky smile and blurted out: “Hey, babes, looking good! Want to grab a coffee?”. “How dare he?” she thought to herself. “Who does this person think I am? A doll that you can just take possession of?”.

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