Jimmy Maymann, Huffington Post CEO - Cannes Lions 2011 interview
Jimmy Maymann

Jimmy Maymann, Huffington Post CEO – Cannes Lions 2011 interview

What I would like to focus on my blog is entrepreneurship. That’s way most my articles will cover experience I have gathered during developing my companies – what works and what doesn’t. However everyone who runs company knows that business is not only about hard data, case studies and numbers, but also elusive things. One of these is inspiration. Today I present you interview with a person who is inspiration to me.

I made an interview with Jimmy Maymann in 2011 when he was still working at Goviral. He was one of the speakers at Cannes Lions 2011. Video was recorded in Five Seas Hotel in Cannes. It was third day of festival. Sun beat down mercilessly, air smelled freshly with good vibe and sense of possibilities. We were sitting by the poolside and I was really happy I managed to get this interview.

What I really liked about Jimmy Maymann from the start, was his incredible, cold self-confidence of what he says. He is type of person who names things way they are, without redundant courtesy. What impresses me is the amount of activities he has been engaged in: business angel, advisor, speaker, advertising agency leader, executive officer of news company. I saw him as positively surprising person, who despite his achievements persisted nice to talk to man.

When I get to know someone I value for knowledge I would talk, talk and talk and leech knowledge. I would love to meet him again and have him advise me about Black Monkey, gain tips & tricks I would transfer into possibilities of development.

I found it interesting to see this conversation now, after two and a half year. We talked about video content, video production, marketing research. Business has changed, technology has changed, my guest workplace has changed, but has essence of what Jimmy Maimann said in interview changed? See for yourself.